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Effective and Efficient
On Site Waste Management
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Zero Waste to Landfill Initiatives
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All Inclusive Rental
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Our Commitment to Veterans

What We Stand For

Pacific CleanTech strives to find the best possible solutions in handling the waste generated by your facility.

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Government Regulations

Stay on top of the latest Government regulations, and learn how Pacific CleanTech can help you meet those regulations without impacting your bottom line.

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social achievements

Here at Pacific CleanTech we pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company by practicing fair employment and ethical business practices.

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Mission to Veterans

Veteran unemployment rates have exceeded 20%, which is over three times the national average and the highest of any demographic. Veterans struggle to find meaningful careers because their skills often seem nontransferable. Having been founded by veterans, Pacific CleanTech understands the difficulties veterans face, and also understands their true value. That is why Pacific CleanTech is committed to providing meaningful careers for veterans.

Mission to the Environment

Sustainability has undoubtedly become a growing area of interest issue, but we still have tremendous room for improvements. It is a fact that 75% of all waste generated is recyclable, but only 30% is actually recycled. Here at Pacific CleanTech we are committed to diverting as much waste as possible. We strive to implement zero waste to landfill practices whenever possible, and strive to make that a reality for all of our customers.